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Hello Queen!

I share Mindset, Lifestyle and Money tips to help you Simplify the Money Game.

IMAGINE waking up every morning as you plan your day, and having strategies and tips in place to practice compassionate self-care. Sounds amazing? If so, I encourage you to take care of yourself first; so you can help those you love. You can be happy, confident and enjoy a fulfilled life while inspiring others.

Everything I do, whether it’s writing, speaking, or making videos and podcasts is dedicated to this task. As a Flight Attendant, I begin my workday with a safety briefing instructing you to put on your oxygen mask first in the event of an unanticipated event.

My Approach

  • Life is filled with unanticipated events; so consider putting on your symbolic oxygen mask every day.
  • Filling Up Your Fuel Tank First Gives the World Your Best, Not What You Have Leftover.