What Is Your Personal Prime Time?

by Productivity

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Are mornings actually the best time of day? There is no shortage of gurus proclaiming the benefits of joining the early-risers club. But is it really necessary? It really depends on your biology and your lifestyle.

One thing I’ve gained from experience flying the friendly skies is that flights tend to encounter delays as the day wears on. This happens when one aircraft is delayed and it set’s off a chain of events where subsequent flights end up being delayed as well.

circadian rhythm

You have your own unique rhythm. This is your biological clock. The circadian rhythm tells our bodies when to sleep, get up, eat and many other physiological processes. This internal ticker is affected by things such as sunlight and temperature.

Some people thrive early in the mornings, and others enter prime time in the evenings. Take some time and see when you feel the most productive and then schedule your most important tasks during that time.

Your circadian rhythm determines your peak productive hours

So forget what others say and do what’s right for you. Because in the end, its all about you. Set up your day to complement your (PPT) Personal Prime Time.

Once you do, you’ll be able to accomplish twice as much or more versus going against your personal rhythm.  [bctt tweet=”Boost your productivity by discovering your personal prime time” username=”oXigyNn”]

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